New Article To Be Released This Week (Teaser Inside)

Hey there brilliant, sensitive, big-hearted people!

I am trusting the natural flow of things, and allowing for one more small delay. I have learned that pushing things through never goes well for me… so I am taking another day or two to complete the very special article that I am brewing for you in my alchemical den.

The upcoming post is about using rite & ritual to honor big shifts and passages in our lives and to create a clearly defined demarcation point marking endings and new beginnings. A perfect topic as we transition from the dark and cold season of winter into the abundant and illuminating season of spring.

As I shared before, this year began with a number of unforeseen life-events and happenings. Projected time-lines and goals got pushed back (and pushed back, and pushed back again) as I incorporated the new aspects of myself coming forward. I am excited to share more about this with you in my future articles.

Next article coming out this week.

Thank you for bringing your magnificent energy here, I can feel you.