Everything is Born From Nothing–The Importance of Creative Space In Your Life

Creative space is one of the most critical and hard to come by things in our modern lives.  Often as humans we underestimate the importance of space.

If we put our index finger on the tip of our nose we cannot see the finger that is literally right in front of our eyes.  There is no space.

If energy is not free to flow into dissipation, it will not be available for the next creation causing stagnation and irritation as the energy remains bound or fixed in the current form.

When we lack space we get stagnant, agitated, depressed and stunted.  Relationships suffer when there is no space for feelings and energy to flow.  Inspiration does not stand a chance unless the spirit has psychic space.  Without proper “space” we lose perspective and become stuck on autopilot being worn down by the grind of daily life.

With space, however, new ideas and movement of energy is possible.  Space is required for anything to bloom, flow, and breathe.  Emotional space, psychic space, mental space, and physical space are all essential for balance and well-being.

Despite this reality, space is not given enough credit this day and age.  We stack ourselves on top of each other, we jam our schedules with to-do after to-do, and we pack our minds with reoccurring and obsessive thoughts.  We lack space.  And as a result we often feel off-track, a bit sideways, congested, inflamed and frustrated.

Simply acknowledging the simple but profound need for space is a good first step.  Giving yourself and others permission in a household, relationship, or work environment to take personal space can be a very transformative act.

Yet the act of creating space can be quite the challenge.

After all, the modern world could take up every minute of our existence, if we let it.  Relationships which are fulfilling and loving have a tendency to become co-dependent. Our minds respond to the overstimulation of life by cycling through thoughts non-stop, our home or work environments fill up with stuff faster than we can remove it, and layers of emotional-goo pile up on one another because there is no time or willingness to allow it to clear.

Our lives don’t offer us space.  People don’t trip over themselves to give us the space we need.  Life does not have built-in pauses for us to collect our space.  Space then must be commanded and created by us.

Getting adequate space in our life will never come easy.  Demanding the space we require will probably never win us a popularity contest.  However, space is a worthy goal and intention.  Looking for ways to create space in our life, we can start with:

1. Psychic Space–Opening time in our week for free-contemplation

2. Emotional Space–Sitting with our emotions and feelings and letting them flow

3. Personal Space–Creating habits and boundaries in our relationships that involve giving each other time alone to be and express

4. Physical Space–Taking time once a month to throw out un-used stuff and clean out cluttered corners and tables

Creative space may be the most under-rated yet important key to sanity.  As we know, everything is literally born out of nothing.  As evolved beings driven to create, space is more important than ever.

People often need permission to take space for themselves.  This is your permission slip.  Create that space that you need in your life without guilt, and see what comes of it.


The Middle Way Takes You There

A New Take On Resolutions:The Middle Way Takes You There

As we shift now, marked by the end of ancient calendars and the beginning of a new year, there seems to be a call for a transcendence and reconciliation of the extremes and opposing ways in our life.

Having survived the polarizing period marked by the end of humanity’s 26,000 year cycle, and the conclusion of another year in our personal lives, we continue to travel around the circle of life as we embark on new beginnings.

We often celebrate the end of a year by setting intentions of some kind for the next. In this way, we generally say, “I want to stop doing this and start doing that.”

However, whether we are looking forward globally as a collective, or personally as an individual, moving from the extreme of this to the opposite extreme of that involves a massive change.

Idealism aside, in most cases such moves are unrealistic. A reason that resolutions of this kind do not hold up is because they are just too drastic.

Rarely do they honor where you ARE but rather they catapult you toward an ideal that you are nowhere near able to sustain (otherwise, you’d already be doing it).

The Way Between This and That

Maybe you’ve noticed that extremes have been playing out everywhere. The flame of extremism peaks it seems before it burns out. Many people, myself included, have been bouncing between old habits and new behaviors, high emotional states and lowly feelings of shame and pain, or feelings of throwing-in-the-towel met with a new sense of can-do felt stronger than ever before.

In this way it is apparent that the conclusion of this year is a catalyst for integration.

We have arrived at a connection with our zero point. This beginning is different from others in that now we can finally integrate our inner (subjective) world and the outer (objective) world.

The potential for such reconciliation has been long sought by many, because the separation and deviation between our inner-world-reality and our outer-world- reality causes each of us suffering.

Here, in the zero point energy offered between the old and the new, there is an opportunity and call to integrate our extremes in order to embark on a middle-way.

The middle-way says that we don’t damn the thing we think we need to stop, nor do we idealize the thing that we want to start.

Instead, we find the place in between these two points, where we can balance and even enjoy ourselves while making upgrades and taking the journey toward our own potential.

Very often we resist the middle way because:

–>      As a path it seems too simple and subtle

–>      Balance is in fact the hardest thing

But the middle-way is the perfect fusion between where we are and where we want to go, the neutral point between what we deem bad and good, and the states of being & doing. 

In the middle, we don’t need to stop or start, but rather we just move along toward our next in renewed ways.

A New Approach for a New Year

This year as you take stock of your thrills, successes, disappointments and personal let-downs, find the lessons.  And if you make a resolution consider letting it be simply to go forward on the path of the middle-way where you integrate where you are and where you are headed.

By setting a resolution to find the middle-way in all that we aspire to improve or change, we will begin collapsing dualities and taming extremes.

Some examples of common extremes and possible middle-way intentions could include:

–>      Natural Healing vs. Allopathic Medicine

The Middle Way:  As we look towards the possibility of improving our health or healing, we can give ourselves permission to use the medicines, supplements, foods and treatments that support us right now that create maximum comfort and success regardless of what they may be.

–>      Indulgence vs. Abstinence

The Middle Way:  As we examine habits or behaviors that we may beat ourselves up about or struggle to keep balanced, we can use the crowding out philosophy which allows partaking without berating as we include equal behaviors, substances and nourishing activities that feel good and naturally crowd-out the imbalanced habit without feeling deprivation (which is a trigger for addiction).

–>      Real Relationship vs. Ideal Relationship

The Middle Way:  As we ponder ways to increase contentment and satisfaction in our personal relationships we can start by dropping the extreme templates formed around the expectations placed in our heads from fairy tales, hollywood movies, or roles and images from days of old.  Instead we can go for the practice of allowing each other to be who we are and looking for ways to compromise and find the middle ground around this authentic being-ness.

–>     Religion vs. Spirituality

The Middle Way:  As we reflect on belief systems or look to up our spiritual practices we can intend to ease the promotion of strict lines of thinking that lead us to feel fear, guilt, shame and separation and find ways to connect with the essence and heart from which our personal practice is based, which unites, edifies and builds up.

–>      Job that you don’t like vs. Creative Labor that excites you

The Middle Way:  As we seek meaning and purpose in our lives through career or service, we can give ourselves space to re-examine how we spend our days, our occupational duties, and the ideal that lights us up.  Rather than drastic moves or staying the course in mysery, it is likely possible to find ways to do more of what we love at our existing occupation and less of what we don’t, or ignite projects outside of work that include our passions.

Having It All Right Now

We know from experience that there is rarely a quick fix solution.  Unresolved “stuff” which stands between the way it is and the way it could be indicates that it is going to take time for things to fully shift to the eden-like state of perfection that we are all templated to desire.

This may best be taken on by keeping our eye on the new possibility which we can see clearly now perhaps for the first time while taking steps of incremental change which lead us into the Garden.

Through sincerity, endurance, presence and truth of heart we always prosper.  The path of the middle-way takes us out of our all or nothing mentality and places us in an energetic zone of prosperity where we exist within the potential of having it all right now. And we do whatever we can do right now, from this place.

As we enjoy this fresh start of a new year, we only need to make one resokution: to inyend to move along the path of the middle-way. 

It is the one resolution that will mean something very different to us all, and yet will simultaneously set us on a unified path.

The Uber Importance of Feeling Good

Many would say that our culture has become too concerned with “feelings”.  And that, this concern has caused an over-sensitive generation of ego-centric folks to be obsessed with how things make them feel, (and unwilling to do the things that make them feel bad even if they are a necessity).

Maybe there is some imbalance in this area.  After all, the pendulum had to swing fiercely to leave the long grueling years of “grin and bear it” in order to get to a place where a vision of life that does not involve long-suffering was a possibility.

As a result, most of us who now concern ourselves with feelings had to overcome a belief system that causes us to be concerned after a period of too much good-feeling.  We assume that things aren’t allowed to be that good for too long.  We begin looking for the reasons we should stop feeling good, as if feeling bad a certain amount of the time is some duty we have.

We all have these notions about feelings, and good feelings.  These fears and beliefs have been instilled in us one way or another.

But let’s take a minute to consider the fusion of feelings and physics.  Inertia, entropy and momentum are laws of physics and properties of matter.  If we live on earth we are to some degree influenced by them.

Essentially this would mean that in terms of inertia if we are moving in the direction of things that don’t feel good, we will continue in that direction until influenced by an outside force otherwise.

Entropy says that, left to themselves things tend to go from bad to worse.  So using our will to move towards that which feels better would seem to be a wise choice.

Ah, feelings can be wise.

And yet, we live in a world that often scoffs at paying too much attention to feeling.  After all, feelings are whimsical and they can’t be trusted.

Hard-core people who like to compete and win will say that aiming for good feelings is airy-fairy.  After all who has time to choose the better feeling thought and move towards the better feeling thing, when one is concerned with dominating , controlling, and forcing.

I recently read an excerpt from a book written by Dr. Christiane Northrup in which she said that her father always told her that feelings were facts and to pay attention to them.  My wise father has always said that we cannot change our feelings, but we can change the way we respond to them.

And I say that the way we can respond to our feelings is by paying more attention to them and not less; to give them the respect they deserve, and to let them influence the choices we make, and those things for which we aim.

Pick a thought that feels better, take an action that feels better, move toward the goal that once reached will make you feel better–because a better feeling reality is a better reality, yes?

Changing our approach to our life and giving our feelings the credibility they deserve seems to be an evolution for culture.  Our minds are useful, and they can get us far.  But our feelings, yes… they may get us farther.  Our feelings connect us with the unseen, that which is not known, but can be felt.

Rather than suppressing feelings or repressing feelings or ignoring feelings, what if we sat them on the throne and let them lead?  What about a world full of better feeling people?

Suddenly feelings become a state of existence, and a state of existence is a reality.

Creating Like the gods Using Your Crystal Clear Intentions

And in the beginning, there was intention.

A vibrational container, intention is both the road map that directs our path, and the vehicle in which we flow forward.  Our intentions drive for us, even when we are not looking.

Defined as an aim or plan, an intention is a thing intended.  The late Middle English origin of the word was intentio in Latin meaning stretching and purpose.  Our intention then is a focused aim which is stretching us toward something.  This “something” is inspired by some purpose that moves us.

The energy of our life is moved by our dominant intentions.  And yet, with so much going on in our lives, if someone asks us what our intention is, we may find it difficult to accurately define.

Wishy-washy intentions create diffused experiences and result in confusion and chaos.  As a result, the universe is often creating multiple contradictory streams on our behalf.

Getting crystal clear about our intentions is a savvy alchemical move.  It allows you to enjoy more positive and fulfilling movement in your life towards what you love, with more ease.

The Organizing Vehicle of Creation

Intention is where divine Intelligence (consciousness) and the will of an individual-being intersect to provide instructions for the flow of creation.

Today modern science is beginning to validate what spiritual masters and visionaries have understood—that our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions indeed affect the world we live in.  Our creative potential is far greater than we realize.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always at work creating our future. It’s best then to create something that we like or want.

In light of this, taking some time to set, or tease out, the intentions for our life will ensure that we do not haphazardly create, based solely on day-to-day survival or hidden fears.

Always Working for You, Even When You’re Not

Your intention is more powerful than the actions that you are, or are not, taking each day.  Simply put, your intention is carrying you forward, even when you are lying on your back kicking and screaming.

Have you ever noticed that when you look back at old to-do lists or vision boards, almost everything you wanted or intended has somehow materialized or is very close at hand?

Meanwhile, you probably spent quality time obsessing, freaking and complaining during those years about how you are not getting anything on your to-do list done and that you’re staying in the same place that you have been trying to leave.

I recently dusted off my vision binder from several years ago and as I flipped through was amazed to find that nearly every item on my list, and every image tacked, had already manifested or was in the process of manifesting to some degree now.

Considering that I spent quality time through those years very frustrated with my perceived lack of professional progress, while being consumed with the important job of being a mom to my son, this was a real revelation about the law of attraction and the power of intention.  All the while I thought I was getting nowhere, but my clearly defined intentions were moving me forward even without my realizing it.  In that moment I realized the power of my intentions alone, and was grateful for the positive and inspired intentions I had set for myself.

Creating Like the gods

As we grow in our spiritual evolution there is access to greater frequency.  With this added power comes added responsibility.

It is essential that we take the responsibility of advanced creation seriously.  Clear intentions, aligned with the will of Spirit and highest good, are the key to masterful and responsible creation.

In order to be an effective creator, I have found the following to be helpful:

–>Take time to clarify intentions for each area of your life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

–>Speak these out loud and write them down

–>Identify and start to eliminate cross-purposes that essentially cancel out or sabotage the dominant intentions

–>Activate intentions with positive emotion, inspiration, visualization and gratitude

–>Demonstrate active faith by taking small actions that are aligned with your dominant intentions

Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride

One of the simplest and most powerful things that we can do right now to create far-reaching change is to take time to get specific and sincere about the intentions we hold.  As creators we can use our untapped resources in this way to generate positive transition in our life and world.

As we look to create our new worlds filled with high-vibe creations, our intentions provide a framework.  A vision which guides our activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices–our intentions also help us to course-correct when we get off-track.

Setting crystal-clear, positive and energized intentions can protect us by repelling all that is not in alignment while attracting toward us all that is a match in essence.

When our dominant intention is clear, positive and strong, much of the worry we experience each day is needless.  Despite the fact that it may feel like we are moving at a snail’s pace toward our desires, when we are riding in the strong, well-constructed vehicle of our intention we can rest assured that just like that forgotten to-do list from many years back, we are moving towards our destination, and we can sit back and enjoy the ride.

22 Reasons Why Everything Is Going to be Alright

For all of the trail-blazers, big-hearted ones, anyone going after their heart’s desire, trying to accomplish something, change anything, or arrive somewhere just beyond their current horizon—this is for you.

Moving toward the accomplishment of highly-charged goals means transforming into the person we have to be in order to realize them.  A personal process made up of many cycles, the wheel of creation involves:  heartache, breakdown, breakthrough, and rebirth.

During such fierce, vulnerable, tender, and quantum moments when we have put it all on the line and the stakes are high, we often wish that God would appear as a burning bush and affirm our journey, a universal symphony would play an audible song just to soothe us, or that a guide from above would bring down a message and tell us that we are okay.

If you find yourself in such a place, then this is what your spirit needs to hear:

  1. Your imperfections are the only thing about you that will ever be perfect
  2. You have super-powers and this process is activating them
  3. Nothing is fixed; the ever fluctuating set of energies and conditions of your life are influenced in every moment by action, intention and prayer
  4. Your whole life has led you here to take this leap
  5. You are healed and empowered by your visions and through them your life moves forward
  6. Soon you’ll be thriving like never before regardless of what is happening today, you just can’t see it from where you’re at
  7. You can get there from here, despite appearances otherwise
  8. The path is always through, around won’t get you there
  9. Becoming well-acquainted with your weaknesses points you towards your gifts
  10. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you as soon as you reach the place of falling to your knees and asking for it
  11. This is one of the scariest parts, and you are still breathing
  12. There is no good and bad, there is just you, here, now
  13. Sooner than you think you will get precisely what you want, and in that moment you will understand the whole of your journey and believe it to have all been worth it
  14. When the time is right, you’ll do whatever it takes
  15. Your road map has been written, and there are many routes; all of them lead to your destination, because you are one of those people who pulls it off
  16. Like an artist who keeps his half painted portrait covered,  you are not finished yet, so don’t look now
  17. When you use your magic wand (the focused light of your awareness) life transforms right before your eyes
  18. You are a receptive person who is being influenced by spiritual forces, and you are right on track
  19. There is a time and a place for everything, including this
  20. Just show up; the alchemy of moving forward has a transmuting effect on your burdens
  21. In the end, you always manage to go with faith over doubt, abundance over lack, and love over fear
  22. The Universe is on your side, and life wants you to win

The Magic of Mirroring

One of the things that I have found to be most fascinating in my journey of awareness is the phenomenon of mirroring. The realization that everyone around me is showing or telling me something about myself is truly an extraordinary thought.

It is a psychological truth that we often see in others that which we do not like in ourselves.  Since the law of attraction governs our Universe, like attracts like.  In this way life acts as a mirror for what is going on inside of us.

Often times the Universe sends people that cast a signal to us that answers one of our most pressing questions or helps us to heal our most important issues.  Like a looking glass, the person reflects an image back to us that shows us something we need to see.

Mirroring can be positive or negative; each of these offers a reflection of your truth.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly 

When we see the positive in others and think about how we wish that we were more like that, we are experiencing positive mirroring.  People in our life whom we admire reflect our positive aspects that we may not recognize or acknowledge in ourselves.  The very fact that we notice and are able to see that attribute signifies that we contain that greatness somewhere in us.

Mirroring however may be most impressive, and challenging, when it happens in less appealing ways.

Working with the public as a holistic health counselor, I have become aware of the magic of mirroring on many occasions through direct experience.

Sending a client my way that mirrors what I need to see in myself, the Universe frequently gives me highly important guidance (for me) during sessions with clients.  Through them I am shown with precision that next thing I need to address, or that critical thing that I have been neglecting to do.

Often clients just won’t follow through on a particular recommendation regardless of how important or key it is to solving their most pressing concern.   In these moments, I have learned to move into neutral awareness and look for the connection.

Usually, this area is somehow related to me; what I am not doing, or not following through on, myself.  The Universe sends a magnetic-twin along to show me the answer that I have been seeking.

Try as I might—seeking the key to a pesky health concern or looking for the cause of a personal life imbalance—without that client and their challenge or question, I have not yet been successful in identifying that particular pattern or need in myself.

When I take the gift of this guidance shown to me by the human-mirror and make the change, I solve a significant problem.  Once I begin taking that supplement, removing that toxin, eating that food, working on that part of my personality, or paying attention to that certain relationship dynamic in my life—my own issue begins to heal.

By paying close attention to the many instances of mirroring in my life, my eyes have been opened to some core patterns.  I was intrigued to find that mirroring was not limited to my professional work, but also showed up in my personal relationships.

A Three Way Mirror

A mirroring pattern between three people has been the most transformative form of mirroring I have witnessed.  When it shows itself in divine perfection, life-long patterns can be resolved that spawn out in many directions.

Peering into the mirrors that the Universe brings into our lives and owning what is being shown can often take real strength…especially when that which is being shown is unflattering.

A revealing moment shown to you in an interaction with another casts a clear reflection.  Somewhere lurking in the shadows of your own being lies that most bothersome, painful and unacceptable trait or aspect that you have repeatedly disliked or been victim of by another.  This is when you finally see that the way you are being treated is also the way you unknowingly have treated someone else; or that the negative aspect you have looked harshly upon in another also lives in you.

It is important to emphasize that this is an unexpected trait or pattern that has long been hidden in you–and something that you would deny or reject.  You will know when you are on to it, because when faced with it in the mirror you can no longer deny it, and it makes you feel defensive, nauseous or emotionally disturbed.

For me, boundaries have always been a real challenge.  I assumed that I was very respectful of all boundaries since people steam-rolled right through mine so often.  However, understanding that this behavior is especially bothersome to me, I knew I needed to look for it within in order to pinpoint the root.

After a lifetime of problems maintaining my own personal boundaries, I had a mirroring-moment where I realized that a family-member who regularly exhibited boundary-busting behaviors that hurt me, was also showing me a deeply hidden disrespect for the boundaries of others within me.

I was stunned to see such a reflection.  It was difficult to see that I was guilty of something that I found so offensive.  After doing some deep inner work and taking responsibility for this issue, I was able to accept that I indeed treated others in this same way on occasion.

Able to view this pattern in three different ways (family member/myself/ friends) I could finally see the perplexing pattern clearly.  Once I was able to see it in this way, I could work to forgive it in another, and then learn to turn that same compassion inward, and also forgive myself.

What You See Is What You Are

Due to the law of attraction and the magic of mirroring it is possible that the types of behavior that we regularly see and don’t like in others are aspects deeply hidden within ourselves.

With constant self-examination, self-honesty, and a willingness to step outside of ourselves regularly, we can use this information to help see ourselves more objectively and to bring to the surface obvious or repressed issues that we have previously buried.

Recognizing the lessons that these situations and individuals are mirroring gives us the precious opportunity to become conscious of our hidden beliefs, feelings, imbalanced behaviors, or shadow personality traits so that we can experience less suffering and conflict.

When we grow in our ability to handle what can often be the difficult reflections shown to us through the phenomenon of mirroring, it becomes our own powerful and secret formula for becoming whole.

The questions, unknowns, and things that we cannot quite figure out on our own are able to be solved by images revealed to us through our connections with others.

Pulling Out of the Matrix

Life is happening these days at the speed of light.  Call it 2012, the Mayan calendar, or the last few good moments before the end of the world—whatever the case, we are at the brink of an acknowledged time acceleration. 

Whether the time space continuum is actually changing, or modern living just makes it seem that way–thriving and not just surviving requires a serious balancing act.  This means that you have to be more committed to those things that edify you, keep you healthy, and keep you sane, than you are to anything else.

It goes without saying that modern life is stressful.  Rapid changes and numerous expectations within multiple areas of life at the same time have increased the number of acute and chronic stressors in people’s lives.  Most people live under the steady strain of mild overwhelm.  This has become the norm.

Canadian researcher Hans Selye, a pioneer in the study of stress, published research over forty years ago showing that an increasing number of people in developed countries die of what he termed “diseases of civilization” primarily caused by stress.  His studies indicated that the stressors of the modern world were indeed the dominant cause of degenerative disease.

The modern system is a world-construct, a paradigm of which we are members.   However, just because everything is on hyper-drive this day and age does not mean that you have to be.

Stopping My World

Allowing myself to be whipped around in the whirlwind of life for years, I began to feel that I was literally being held hostage by modernization.  This, I discovered, was the invisible reason for my discontent.

So preoccupied with multitasking, I spent the majority of my time not living in the “now”, but worrying about what was coming next.  The inevitable demands of life seemed to leave me scrapping for a moment of peace and a sliver of joy.  Even worse, I began suffering from serious health challenges as a result.

Knowing that it was time to take my life back into my own hands, I spent a couple of years contemplating how I could extract the meaning from my hyper-busy-life, and then create a life centered around this meaning—in my existing modern world.

With this in mind I set out to discover the keys to restoring contentment, good health and well-being, and developed a personal-thrive-formula for my own life.

Pulling Out of the Matrix

When I began accepting that many of the norms that were well accepted by most people in our culture will never work for me, I knew that I was in quite a quandary.  Uh-oh, mama don’t wanna play that.

Realizing that I was spending the majority of my time coping with what-is rather than following my own vibe, I learned that living strategically would be the key to personal well-being.

I had to determine how I wanted to feel, what my body really needed, and under which conditions I thrive—and then create a lifestyle and business around these personal truths (rather than the other way around).  This revelation changed everything.

Doing things differently in a way that suited me meant that I had to:

–>Pull out of the mainstream matrix

->Make self-care and personal growth my hobby

Getting My Thrive On

Being in control of my situation and having power over how I show up in the world has been life-changing to say the least.  Pulling out of the matrix and reconnecting to those things that allow me to flow and be in my natural state has become my religion.

 My personal thrive-formula consists of the following variables:

 –>Simplify; identify and eliminate the things from my life that really aren’t important in order to consciously make time for what is (note: the world does not always agree with what I say is not important, and vice-versa)

 –>Honor my natural limits; stop when I hit my personal wall rather than pushing through it and don’t over-schedule or over-commit

 –>Feelings-first; decide how I want to feel, and follow where that feeling leads (the opposite of mainstream thinking) which keeps me connected to me, which then keeps me connected to my Original Blue Print, which then keeps me on my proper course (opposed to manipulated ideas and concocted plans)

 –>Eat real food; follow an 80/20 rule that consists mostly of living, natural foods containing the raw materials that my body-organism needs for peak functioning and healing

 –>Make rest & solitude a top priority; scheduling a pause in the middle of my day to honor my natural rhythm, restore harmony, and rekindle creativity

–>Tune into nature; time away from the hubbub of life to relax in communion with nature by laying, sitting or standing barefoot with direct contact on the earth for at least a few minutes a day (also great for the common modern day ailment of Restless Leg Syndrome)

 –>Movement; gentle yoga and stretching are essential… as it integrates my mind, body and spirit simultaneously in one essential activity and balances the time spent hunched over at my computer

–>Pursue meaningful work; writing and coaching allows for self-expression and service to others which connects me to my purpose and moves me in the direction of my heart’s desire

–>Do one thing at a time; ditching the tendency to multi-task and trying to do just one thing at a time actually allows me to get much more done and feel a sense of completion and accomplishment rather than confusion

–>Say no; the phrases “that doesn’t work for me” and “let me get back to you” have relieved me from the habit of just saying yes to please everyone leaving me frustrated and resentful that my own priorities had taken the back-seat once again

–>Practice radical self-care; I am not able to take care of anyone or anything else if I’m burnt out or run down, so creating the space for self-care is critical; getting a facial, manicure, massage, time off to watch a movie, taking a nap or whatever else I may need at the moment all count

–>Regular body work sessions; extremely transformative for me and my saving grace, I enjoy various kinds of bodywork regularly and get some of my best and workable ideas during this time

 –>Prioritize sleep; aiming for 9 to 10 hours of sleep is my (not always reachable but intended) goal as getting more sleep helps me function at a high level and be better at everything in my life

 –>Mentoring; ever the student, working with business, health, life coaches, and spiritual counselors pays off in spades helping me with my own multi-faceted development and creating a unique lifestyle and business that is an expression of my authenticity

Beyond Should’s And Have-To’s

Being busy 24/7 means that you may be missing out on the things that really bring joy and fulfillment in your life.  When life is over-complicated and over-full, there’s little space for what truly matters.  Personal growth, positive energy, love, and even breathing becomes a challenge.

Paradigm Shift:  What is working in your life right now, and what is not?  Do you maintain the status quo (buy what they sell, eat what they serve, do what they do) rarely thinking about a more original or authentic way of doing things that may bring you more personal contentment?

Coaching tip:

–>Identify where you are on auto-pilot

–>Figure out your non-negotiables for bringing forth the divine gold within yourself

Action step: 

–>Add one of these into your life regularly over the course of the next month

–>See what happens when you run at your own pace and champion your own needs

You can begin conscious lifestyle creation, starting now.  With nothing more than the ingredients at hand you already possess the capability to devise a new response that can revise your current situation if you so desire.

Everything in your life can’t change over night, and certain responsibilites are required of you.  However, if you think outside of the box and open yourself up to what may be viewed as unorthodox approaches, you can begin to re-order your modern life in a way that will allow you to thrive rather than just survive.