The Human GPS: Learning to Follow Your Divine Internal Navigation System

GPS devices can give good directions.  We frequently use them in cars today to provide a map which directs us on exactly how to get to our desired destination.   

As human-beings we are well-equipped with an Internal Guidance System that functions in a manner similar to this ever-popular GPS device.  Our Inner Guidance System can help us navigate through life’s storms and winding roads.   

Intuition vs. Internal Navigation System

We all have gut instincts, hunches and internal nudges which we pick up on from time to time.  Yet “intuition” is a kind of knowing something, without knowing how you know. 

Being led by your Internal Human Guidance System is different, and goes beyond this kind of intelligence.  Working with this form of guidance requires attuning to mind-body signals with acute sensitivity and discernment. 

The internal GPS lets you know at the energy and body level, of the slightest misalignment when you are off-track. Likewise, it can also signal to you when you are precisely on point.

Similar to when you are playing a game that involves looking for something that has been hidden, and the person who hid it from you tells you that either you are getting warmer as you near the object or colder as you move away from it—your Inner Guidance tells you when you are in alignment with highest good, and when you are off-track.

Detecting the Signals: Contraction & Expansion

Whether we realize it or not, we are always getting these indicators as we journey on our life path.  And yet, when we find ourselves at forks in the road and things get confusing and intense, we begin seeking guidance from outside of ourselves.  

Learning to tune into the Inner Navigation System allows us to tap into divine guidance as it flows within ourselves (often as a response to prayer or summoning). 

Just as the GPS sits on the dash of your car, the Human Navigation System runs in the physical area of the body between the throat and abdomen (this is where the internal guidance signals are able to be received, felt, and detected).  Here, we have both the energy centers (chakras) and physical centers (anatomy) which will pick up the divine intelligence instantaneously as it flows outward in response to that which is being thought, spoken, or experienced.

The two primary signals/sensations received and felt here are:

-Contraction: feels dense, heavy, tight, paralyzed / indicates stop, stuck, frozen / red light / go no further along this path 

-Expansion: feels light, spacious, inspired / indicates movement, flowing / green light / continue on this path for it is taking you toward your desires and your highest good

There are many sensations that come about from the contraction of energy.  Most of us know the clamping down feeling that comes over us which is usually accompanied by some sort of fear, worry, anxiety or rushing; this is a form of contraction.

When we feel contraction as we are considering a big move, thinking about a relationship, contemplating our current job, or trying to make any significant decision, this is guidance telling us that something about what we are processing is not in alignment and is not leading to our highest good. Adjustments may need to be made.

Further, there are countless sensations that come out of the expansion of energy.  We know the feeling of flow, relief, and peace that moves through us which is accompanied by certainty, well-being, bliss or inspiration.

When we feel expansion as we are weighing our options about a health concern, strategizing on the best approach for meeting our business goals, or pondering whether we should invest our time getting to know someone we just met better—this is our Internal Guidance System indicating that this certain-something is in alignment and leading us closer to, or more toward, the expression of our divine blueprint, personal desires, and highest good.

Tapping Into the Divine Guidance Within

Legitimate messages from our Inner Guidance System are flowing through us all-day, every-day.  Of course it is natural and healthy to connect with others, ask for guidance and seek counsel when we are confused or need to gain some perspective.  However, the time has come to balance that tendency with the heeding of our own inner guidance above that of experts, gurus, horoscopes, teachers, parents, and friends.

As highly sensitive-beings we are currently flooded with these signals from our Human GPS, making us fully equipped to remain connected to our highest path even in the harshest of circumstances if we are willing to take the time and develop the skills to discern the information that is ever flowing through us. These signals are indicators of our alignment or misalignment with the divine in our own lives.

By no means is using our Internal Navigation System easy and effortless, but it is always available to us. As we run about in the dark trying to find our way without an instruction manual, we can always tune into whether we are experiencing contraction (stuck-ness) or expansion (flow) regarding any matter, and adjust accordingly.


Everything is Born From Nothing–The Importance of Creative Space In Your Life

Creative space is one of the most critical and hard to come by things in our modern lives.  Often as humans we underestimate the importance of space.

If we put our index finger on the tip of our nose we cannot see the finger that is literally right in front of our eyes.  There is no space.

If energy is not free to flow into dissipation, it will not be available for the next creation causing stagnation and irritation as the energy remains bound or fixed in the current form.

When we lack space we get stagnant, agitated, depressed and stunted.  Relationships suffer when there is no space for feelings and energy to flow.  Inspiration does not stand a chance unless the spirit has psychic space.  Without proper “space” we lose perspective and become stuck on autopilot being worn down by the grind of daily life.

With space, however, new ideas and movement of energy is possible.  Space is required for anything to bloom, flow, and breathe.  Emotional space, psychic space, mental space, and physical space are all essential for balance and well-being.

Despite this reality, space is not given enough credit this day and age.  We stack ourselves on top of each other, we jam our schedules with to-do after to-do, and we pack our minds with reoccurring and obsessive thoughts.  We lack space.  And as a result we often feel off-track, a bit sideways, congested, inflamed and frustrated.

Simply acknowledging the simple but profound need for space is a good first step.  Giving yourself and others permission in a household, relationship, or work environment to take personal space can be a very transformative act.

Yet the act of creating space can be quite the challenge.

After all, the modern world could take up every minute of our existence, if we let it.  Relationships which are fulfilling and loving have a tendency to become co-dependent. Our minds respond to the overstimulation of life by cycling through thoughts non-stop, our home or work environments fill up with stuff faster than we can remove it, and layers of emotional-goo pile up on one another because there is no time or willingness to allow it to clear.

Our lives don’t offer us space.  People don’t trip over themselves to give us the space we need.  Life does not have built-in pauses for us to collect our space.  Space then must be commanded and created by us.

Getting adequate space in our life will never come easy.  Demanding the space we require will probably never win us a popularity contest.  However, space is a worthy goal and intention.  Looking for ways to create space in our life, we can start with:

1. Psychic Space–Opening time in our week for free-contemplation

2. Emotional Space–Sitting with our emotions and feelings and letting them flow

3. Personal Space–Creating habits and boundaries in our relationships that involve giving each other time alone to be and express

4. Physical Space–Taking time once a month to throw out un-used stuff and clean out cluttered corners and tables

Creative space may be the most under-rated yet important key to sanity.  As we know, everything is literally born out of nothing.  As evolved beings driven to create, space is more important than ever.

People often need permission to take space for themselves.  This is your permission slip.  Create that space that you need in your life without guilt, and see what comes of it.

Creating Like the gods Using Your Crystal Clear Intentions

And in the beginning, there was intention.

A vibrational container, intention is both the road map that directs our path, and the vehicle in which we flow forward.  Our intentions drive for us, even when we are not looking.

Defined as an aim or plan, an intention is a thing intended.  The late Middle English origin of the word was intentio in Latin meaning stretching and purpose.  Our intention then is a focused aim which is stretching us toward something.  This “something” is inspired by some purpose that moves us.

The energy of our life is moved by our dominant intentions.  And yet, with so much going on in our lives, if someone asks us what our intention is, we may find it difficult to accurately define.

Wishy-washy intentions create diffused experiences and result in confusion and chaos.  As a result, the universe is often creating multiple contradictory streams on our behalf.

Getting crystal clear about our intentions is a savvy alchemical move.  It allows you to enjoy more positive and fulfilling movement in your life towards what you love, with more ease.

The Organizing Vehicle of Creation

Intention is where divine Intelligence (consciousness) and the will of an individual-being intersect to provide instructions for the flow of creation.

Today modern science is beginning to validate what spiritual masters and visionaries have understood—that our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions indeed affect the world we live in.  Our creative potential is far greater than we realize.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always at work creating our future. It’s best then to create something that we like or want.

In light of this, taking some time to set, or tease out, the intentions for our life will ensure that we do not haphazardly create, based solely on day-to-day survival or hidden fears.

Always Working for You, Even When You’re Not

Your intention is more powerful than the actions that you are, or are not, taking each day.  Simply put, your intention is carrying you forward, even when you are lying on your back kicking and screaming.

Have you ever noticed that when you look back at old to-do lists or vision boards, almost everything you wanted or intended has somehow materialized or is very close at hand?

Meanwhile, you probably spent quality time obsessing, freaking and complaining during those years about how you are not getting anything on your to-do list done and that you’re staying in the same place that you have been trying to leave.

I recently dusted off my vision binder from several years ago and as I flipped through was amazed to find that nearly every item on my list, and every image tacked, had already manifested or was in the process of manifesting to some degree now.

Considering that I spent quality time through those years very frustrated with my perceived lack of professional progress, while being consumed with the important job of being a mom to my son, this was a real revelation about the law of attraction and the power of intention.  All the while I thought I was getting nowhere, but my clearly defined intentions were moving me forward even without my realizing it.  In that moment I realized the power of my intentions alone, and was grateful for the positive and inspired intentions I had set for myself.

Creating Like the gods

As we grow in our spiritual evolution there is access to greater frequency.  With this added power comes added responsibility.

It is essential that we take the responsibility of advanced creation seriously.  Clear intentions, aligned with the will of Spirit and highest good, are the key to masterful and responsible creation.

In order to be an effective creator, I have found the following to be helpful:

–>Take time to clarify intentions for each area of your life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

–>Speak these out loud and write them down

–>Identify and start to eliminate cross-purposes that essentially cancel out or sabotage the dominant intentions

–>Activate intentions with positive emotion, inspiration, visualization and gratitude

–>Demonstrate active faith by taking small actions that are aligned with your dominant intentions

Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride

One of the simplest and most powerful things that we can do right now to create far-reaching change is to take time to get specific and sincere about the intentions we hold.  As creators we can use our untapped resources in this way to generate positive transition in our life and world.

As we look to create our new worlds filled with high-vibe creations, our intentions provide a framework.  A vision which guides our activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices–our intentions also help us to course-correct when we get off-track.

Setting crystal-clear, positive and energized intentions can protect us by repelling all that is not in alignment while attracting toward us all that is a match in essence.

When our dominant intention is clear, positive and strong, much of the worry we experience each day is needless.  Despite the fact that it may feel like we are moving at a snail’s pace toward our desires, when we are riding in the strong, well-constructed vehicle of our intention we can rest assured that just like that forgotten to-do list from many years back, we are moving towards our destination, and we can sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Magic of Mirroring

One of the things that I have found to be most fascinating in my journey of awareness is the phenomenon of mirroring. The realization that everyone around me is showing or telling me something about myself is truly an extraordinary thought.

It is a psychological truth that we often see in others that which we do not like in ourselves.  Since the law of attraction governs our Universe, like attracts like.  In this way life acts as a mirror for what is going on inside of us.

Often times the Universe sends people that cast a signal to us that answers one of our most pressing questions or helps us to heal our most important issues.  Like a looking glass, the person reflects an image back to us that shows us something we need to see.

Mirroring can be positive or negative; each of these offers a reflection of your truth.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly 

When we see the positive in others and think about how we wish that we were more like that, we are experiencing positive mirroring.  People in our life whom we admire reflect our positive aspects that we may not recognize or acknowledge in ourselves.  The very fact that we notice and are able to see that attribute signifies that we contain that greatness somewhere in us.

Mirroring however may be most impressive, and challenging, when it happens in less appealing ways.

Working with the public as a holistic health counselor, I have become aware of the magic of mirroring on many occasions through direct experience.

Sending a client my way that mirrors what I need to see in myself, the Universe frequently gives me highly important guidance (for me) during sessions with clients.  Through them I am shown with precision that next thing I need to address, or that critical thing that I have been neglecting to do.

Often clients just won’t follow through on a particular recommendation regardless of how important or key it is to solving their most pressing concern.   In these moments, I have learned to move into neutral awareness and look for the connection.

Usually, this area is somehow related to me; what I am not doing, or not following through on, myself.  The Universe sends a magnetic-twin along to show me the answer that I have been seeking.

Try as I might—seeking the key to a pesky health concern or looking for the cause of a personal life imbalance—without that client and their challenge or question, I have not yet been successful in identifying that particular pattern or need in myself.

When I take the gift of this guidance shown to me by the human-mirror and make the change, I solve a significant problem.  Once I begin taking that supplement, removing that toxin, eating that food, working on that part of my personality, or paying attention to that certain relationship dynamic in my life—my own issue begins to heal.

By paying close attention to the many instances of mirroring in my life, my eyes have been opened to some core patterns.  I was intrigued to find that mirroring was not limited to my professional work, but also showed up in my personal relationships.

A Three Way Mirror

A mirroring pattern between three people has been the most transformative form of mirroring I have witnessed.  When it shows itself in divine perfection, life-long patterns can be resolved that spawn out in many directions.

Peering into the mirrors that the Universe brings into our lives and owning what is being shown can often take real strength…especially when that which is being shown is unflattering.

A revealing moment shown to you in an interaction with another casts a clear reflection.  Somewhere lurking in the shadows of your own being lies that most bothersome, painful and unacceptable trait or aspect that you have repeatedly disliked or been victim of by another.  This is when you finally see that the way you are being treated is also the way you unknowingly have treated someone else; or that the negative aspect you have looked harshly upon in another also lives in you.

It is important to emphasize that this is an unexpected trait or pattern that has long been hidden in you–and something that you would deny or reject.  You will know when you are on to it, because when faced with it in the mirror you can no longer deny it, and it makes you feel defensive, nauseous or emotionally disturbed.

For me, boundaries have always been a real challenge.  I assumed that I was very respectful of all boundaries since people steam-rolled right through mine so often.  However, understanding that this behavior is especially bothersome to me, I knew I needed to look for it within in order to pinpoint the root.

After a lifetime of problems maintaining my own personal boundaries, I had a mirroring-moment where I realized that a family-member who regularly exhibited boundary-busting behaviors that hurt me, was also showing me a deeply hidden disrespect for the boundaries of others within me.

I was stunned to see such a reflection.  It was difficult to see that I was guilty of something that I found so offensive.  After doing some deep inner work and taking responsibility for this issue, I was able to accept that I indeed treated others in this same way on occasion.

Able to view this pattern in three different ways (family member/myself/ friends) I could finally see the perplexing pattern clearly.  Once I was able to see it in this way, I could work to forgive it in another, and then learn to turn that same compassion inward, and also forgive myself.

What You See Is What You Are

Due to the law of attraction and the magic of mirroring it is possible that the types of behavior that we regularly see and don’t like in others are aspects deeply hidden within ourselves.

With constant self-examination, self-honesty, and a willingness to step outside of ourselves regularly, we can use this information to help see ourselves more objectively and to bring to the surface obvious or repressed issues that we have previously buried.

Recognizing the lessons that these situations and individuals are mirroring gives us the precious opportunity to become conscious of our hidden beliefs, feelings, imbalanced behaviors, or shadow personality traits so that we can experience less suffering and conflict.

When we grow in our ability to handle what can often be the difficult reflections shown to us through the phenomenon of mirroring, it becomes our own powerful and secret formula for becoming whole.

The questions, unknowns, and things that we cannot quite figure out on our own are able to be solved by images revealed to us through our connections with others.

Entering the Void—Navigating the Space of Transition

The road map for our Hero’s Journey indicates that we will occasionally enter zones of major transition.  These periods of accelerated change can be extremely overwhelming, but are fueled by the Evolutionary Impulse of Spirit lovingly causing us to morph into the most evolved and whole version of ourselves possible.

Hangin’ On By a Thread

Our natural tendency during these times is to hang on for dear life in the midst of what we sense as imminent and sweeping change.  The cosmic momentum, however, ensures that staying put is no longer an option.  Let go or be kicked out.

Clinging to the familiar by that antiquated old thread is so anti-liberating.  The great Unknown beckons us.  Severing that last thread, we take the dive once again into the mysterious ocean of Transformation—knowing at the deepest levels that this is what we came here to do.

Fierce periods of conversion such as this may require passage through the Void.

Calling Card of the Void

No longer where we were, and not yet where we are going—the Void is the transition zone where big transformation happens; a vacuum where new creations emerge.  Defined as bare, blank, clear, containing nothing, a void is an empty and innocent interval during which continuity is suspended.

Paradoxically, atmospheric conditions within the auspicious Void generally feel anything but pure and innocent.

The benefits of understanding that you are passing through the Void include:

=>A permission slip to temporarily stop pushing for resolution of chaotic circumstances

=>Absolute certainty that you are about to experience an instance of ascent and upward movement in your life

Check the indicators below to determine if you are in the Void:

    • Symptom:  Extreme lack of clarity—Earthly chaos is divine order; you and your life are being restructured by a higher Intelligence
    • Antidote:  Don’t try to make sense of anything; realize you are in the midst of alchemy and surrender to the mystery
    • Symptom:  Feeling like nothing makes sense—Something new is emerging that cannot yet be seen and that has not yet taken form
    • Antidote:  Don’t freak out, act irrationally, or make rash choices.  Allow it to be, and trust that you are transitioning
    • Symptom:  Feeling off and not yourself—You are no longer your former self and not yet your future self
    • Antidote:  Hold off on interactions and making important decisions until you feel stronger, clear and certain
    • Symptom:  Awkwardness in your social interactions—You are in a chrysalis so outward communion with others can be strained or feel fake as you do your best to be civil and kind while feeling jacked-up and vulnerable
    • Antidote:  Avoid unnecessary socializing and let key partners know that you are going thru a personal growth period and need a little space
    • Symptom:  Stress and chaos in your relationships —When you evolve everything in your reality transforms including your relationships
    • Antidote:  Take your hands off the wheel to allow the space for positive changes and new relationship outcomes to come about which may exceed your expectations and even surprise you
    • Symptom:  Difficult and challenging communication with others—You are rapidly shifting causing people to perceive your energy as galvanizing not to mention you may not be able to string a cohesive sentence together
    • Antidote:  Lay low, avoid extraneous talking, and maintain strong boundaries
    • Symptom:  Feeling extreme fatigue or extreme restlessness—The greater part of what is occurring is unseen and requires vast inner and energetic resources in order to be integrated
    • Antidote:  Rest as often as you can and force yourself to channel whatever energy you do have into activities that will keep your life-force flowing such as light walking, stretching or doing something fun and creative
    • Symptom:  Feeling no inspiration—Things you were previously attracted to are less appealing to you now and you are moving into something a bit different that is not yet ripe
    • Antidote:  Summon whatever creative flow you can in the direction of your passions thru a specific point of focus in order to fan your flame and promote positive vibes while not forcing yourself to conduct old business that feels antiquated unless it is required
    • Symptom:  Body pain and heaviness–You are detoxing at a cellular level causing healing signs, aches, and a myriad of miserable symptoms
    • Antidote:  Practice extreme self-care; this is a time to spend a few bucks on a massage, do a yin yoga class, treat yourself to a day at the spa, or lay out in nature as often as you can for gentle physical healing
    • Symptom:  Lightning rod epiphanies and awareness–The psychic space you are in is severe and potent ensuring that you see what you were unwilling or unable to see until now
    • Antidote:  Breathe into the insight and the feeling it triggers allowing space to consider what is being revealed without beating yourself up, shutting down, or pushing it away; it will be a seed of changes for the better in the days and months to come
Everything Is Impermanent, Including the Void

As we know the only thing certain is the reality of perpetual change.  As the Buddhist philosophy teaches, all is impermanent.  When we cling to what we perceive to be “good” and resist what we believe to be “bad” we suffer.

Maintaining this level of awareness and not resisting the wobble-like period of the Void can elevate the vibration now and assist personal and collective changes to be much smoother, and maybe even exhilarating.