A New Take On Resolutions–The Middle Way Takes You There

Well Happy New Year beloved visitors to my blog! I am so grateful that many still come to read and share my articles here, despite that I’ve been incapable of sustaining a regular 2014 post schedule. The good news is, that I’ve been very busy living Life (read: getting my a** kicked, and kicking much a**) which means that I have more than ever to write about and share in the coming year (gotta love those pearls you find in the trenches).

So on a very personal level, I’m feeling the excitement of bringing a new energy to SpiritFull in 2015 (which began percolating with my spring rebirth, which I wrote about in the April 2014 Rite & Ritual post, following a long existential crisis, and at that time, a recent miscarriage).

So then, I am animating this place again, with new posts forthcoming and new formats ready to roll out that offer varied ways for expressing more aspects of myself and my work.

Today I am inspired by a prior New Year’s post which I wrote in the wamma-jamma year of 2012. (Anybody remember that year—hype, prophecy, mayan calendar conclusion, & the rumblings of a transforming humanity that for once did not disappear or find itself lost forever at ocean’s bottom somewhere, but rather withstood and integrated frequency elevation—and lives now to learn and tell about sustained human life on the “other side”.)

The Paradox of Life reveals itself through this article, as we can see that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

All that to say that even as the changes catalyzed in 2012 continue to place humanity in very new places, “The Middle Way Takes You There” is as relevant today as it was then.

The zero point energy arrives at the end of cycles. The conclusion of 2014 is a cycle we are all experiencing together, independently. We can use zero point to bring balance to extremes and gentleness to areas we desire to improve or change.

As you set personal intentions for an abundant 2015, consider first: what can you do today that you weren’t able to do 12 months ago? And make sure to celebrate that!

I look forward to sharing with you here this year. Check back often and join me.

With the Virginal Excitement of a new year, Leigh xo

And now, on to the article:
The Middle Way Takes You There


As we shift now, marked by the end of ancient calendars and the beginning of a new year, there seems to be a call for a transcendence and reconciliation of the extremes and opposing ways in our life.

Having survived the polarizing period marked by the end of humanity’s 26,000 year cycle, and the conclusion of another year in our personal lives, we continue to travel around the circle of life as we embark on new beginnings.

We often celebrate the end of a year by setting intentions of some kind for the next.  In this way, we generally say, “I want to stop doing this and start doing that.”

However, whether we are looking forward globally as a collective, or personally as an individual, moving from the extreme of this to the opposite extreme of that involves a massive change.

Idealism aside, in most cases such moves are unrealistic. …

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