Everything is Born From Nothing–The Importance of Creative Space In Your Life

Creative space is one of the most critical and hard to come by things in our modern lives.  Often as humans we underestimate the importance of space.

If we put our index finger on the tip of our nose we cannot see the finger that is literally right in front of our eyes.  There is no space.

If energy is not free to flow into dissipation, it will not be available for the next creation causing stagnation and irritation as the energy remains bound or fixed in the current form.

When we lack space we get stagnant, agitated, depressed and stunted.  Relationships suffer when there is no space for feelings and energy to flow.  Inspiration does not stand a chance unless the spirit has psychic space.  Without proper “space” we lose perspective and become stuck on autopilot being worn down by the grind of daily life.

With space, however, new ideas and movement of energy is possible.  Space is required for anything to bloom, flow, and breathe.  Emotional space, psychic space, mental space, and physical space are all essential for balance and well-being.

Despite this reality, space is not given enough credit this day and age.  We stack ourselves on top of each other, we jam our schedules with to-do after to-do, and we pack our minds with reoccurring and obsessive thoughts.  We lack space.  And as a result we often feel off-track, a bit sideways, congested, inflamed and frustrated.

Simply acknowledging the simple but profound need for space is a good first step.  Giving yourself and others permission in a household, relationship, or work environment to take personal space can be a very transformative act.

Yet the act of creating space can be quite the challenge.

After all, the modern world could take up every minute of our existence, if we let it.  Relationships which are fulfilling and loving have a tendency to become co-dependent. Our minds respond to the overstimulation of life by cycling through thoughts non-stop, our home or work environments fill up with stuff faster than we can remove it, and layers of emotional-goo pile up on one another because there is no time or willingness to allow it to clear.

Our lives don’t offer us space.  People don’t trip over themselves to give us the space we need.  Life does not have built-in pauses for us to collect our space.  Space then must be commanded and created by us.

Getting adequate space in our life will never come easy.  Demanding the space we require will probably never win us a popularity contest.  However, space is a worthy goal and intention.  Looking for ways to create space in our life, we can start with:

1. Psychic Space–Opening time in our week for free-contemplation

2. Emotional Space–Sitting with our emotions and feelings and letting them flow

3. Personal Space–Creating habits and boundaries in our relationships that involve giving each other time alone to be and express

4. Physical Space–Taking time once a month to throw out un-used stuff and clean out cluttered corners and tables

Creative space may be the most under-rated yet important key to sanity.  As we know, everything is literally born out of nothing.  As evolved beings driven to create, space is more important than ever.

People often need permission to take space for themselves.  This is your permission slip.  Create that space that you need in your life without guilt, and see what comes of it.