Coming Full Circle Before Taking Your Quantum Leap

Since the start of this new year, the creative currents of change have been rapidly flowing through my life.  It feels as if I am collecting the sum of the many adventures, challenges, explorations, and lessons learned in this life so far—and putting it all into play, at once.

This moment in time for me is all about harvesting what has matured and bloomed, examining, editing, and then starting again.  Full circle in every sense, I am staring down 100 situations related to health, relationships, life purpose, and career which mimic challenges of years ago—except that today I am entering them from a new vibrational lane; I am an entirely new me.

Juggling Life Tasks

It is akin to having been given a specific shaped object to juggle related to a life-task in every phase of my life; the life-task being to master the act of tossing this object of unique shape and size into the air and keeping it going, regardless of what else was happening.  And after I learned how to juggle that one special item, I unconsciously laid it down and left it behind for the lure of a different object of a new color, shape and size.  The life-task then became to master the art of living and moving while keeping that special object in motion without letting it drop to the ground.  Once that challenging task was complete and I could manage the juggling of that object with relative ease, the process continued; another dazzling object beckoned me…and off I went.

During the ride of life it seems that there is no way to keep track of these patterns—all of these life-tasks stand-alone, seemingly unrelated, until a full circle moment comes along.

When something “comes full circle” it completes a cycle, returns to its beginnings.  A full circle moment is tricky, because at first glance it appears that it’s just a bunch of old, unresolved stuff rearing its ugly head again, which is disheartening and frustrating.  I generally go through a period of complete disbelief that I am still perpetuating this pattern, conducting myself in this manner, or experiencing an undesirable relationship issue.  Arghh!  Here again?  Hadn’t I already moved beyond, healed through, and adequately dealt with, these things?

After a small temper tantrum and an intense purification process requiring me to face everything and avoid nothing—a light appears.  This light of awareness reveals the full picture to me; there is a gift here.

The Opportunity for Masterful Application

Gaining the insight that you have come full circle is an opportunity to demonstrate some degree of mastery.  Once successful, you can transcend up the spiral to the next level or rung.  Like a final exam at the conclusion of a class, this is a nerve-wracking period which often feels like a nagging test.

I realize this time, however, that everything I need to know has been revealed to me, and everything I need has already been given to me, in order to transcend and succeed.  The purpose now is not the learning, but rather the application of that which has been learned.

It is human nature to be conditioned by our past experiences.  Therefore when we hear a familiar bell, we too begin to salivate (or run, or cry, or feel fear and hide).  When I catch myself flinching, it has been helpful to:

•Become aware of my negative expectations and practice replacing them with positive expectations (this is a powerful practice)

•Take note of what my consistent previous reaction has been to this issue and dig deep to find a different response based on my desired outcome (when freezing up, I keep in mind that generally any new response is better than the old reaction)

•Devote some time to slowing down and tuning into my inner wisdom where I connect with the guidance of Spirit in order to be able to see the higher perspective (rather than being lost in the old cycle of chaos)

Taking a Quantum Leap

Life is a circle and as we spiral upward we simply must come back around.  Regardless of what is there upon arrival, the most important thing is to recognize the power contained at this place.

We are now surrounded by great opportunities disguised as impossibilities.  The opportunity to make a huge leap exists.  Like the evolutionary leap made from dinosaurs to birds, and the transformative leap from caterpillars to butterflies, we too can emerge this time as something completely different.

New movement is possible in the face of what seems like old and familiar problems; and movement always feels better than being stuck, even if it means moving through the ick one last time on your way up and out.

Is your life now calling for you to collect all of your life-tasks and juggle them all at once?  Maybe it is the platform from which you can take your great leap?

If so, everything needed to reach that next rung is already present—you just have to remember to look for it.  As you move through it, keep in mind that the leap-formula involves: claiming all of the parts of yourself, applying all that you have learned, trusting your life and keeping a forward-lean.  Who knows where you’ll end up, or what you’ll be when you get there?