Endings, Beginnings & Major Changes: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse marks a time of endings, beginnings, and major changes.  Although things may seem to be in major flux–our houses lopsided and our doors coming off the hinges–we can be sure that this earthly chaos is actually divine order.

We are exactly where we need to be, and we can trust in that, no matter how things may seem.

This informative post by Mystic Mama (www.mysticmama.com) includes several exceptional excerpts from leading astrologers and zodiac experts in the field about this powerful cosmic event …check it out:

*FULL MOON* + Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011


I began feeling this energy around last Wednesday (apparently the eclipse energies are strongest during the period two days prior to the event and three days following the occurrence) with experiences ranging from irritation; difficulty sleeping; odd dreams; diverse feelings; unexplained sadness; noticing my animals acting strangely; and my five-year old son to be highly temperamental, dramatic and weepy for no apparent reason.  Accompanying this intensity were some pleasant, high vibrational surprises, including fresh perspectives on some age-old problems; many new ideas and revelations; a much-needed burst of wind in my sails; and things taking off in some exciting and unforseen directions, with many new opportunities on the horizon.  Additionally there has been a heart-opening with major shifts and deep healings in some key relationships.

How has this catalyst for change been playing out in your world?